May 18, 2021

‘I think its OK to do 35mph in a 30pmh speed limit

‘I think its OK to do 35mph in a 30pmh speed limit’How can coaching help overcome this common problem?

An essential coaching ingredient is the ability to develop rapport and trust so that your client can be honest with you without the fear of being judged and told you must not do that. If a client says, ‘I think its OK to do 35mph in a 30mph speed limit’


If you immediately say, ‘That’s against the law, you shouldn’t do that!’ the likely outcome is they won’t do it again while they are with you or on any type of driving test. The problem is what will they do once they have left you. Giving people the opportunity to explore their behaviour in a safe learning environment will help give drivers the ability to self-evaluate and develop a level of emotional control To be able to do this they must be allowed to think freely and work out safe and sensible solutions so they can develop themselves in a post-test environment.


Coaching though isn’t easy – not if you want to do it well. You may have experienced a common answer when rapport has not been successfully established – you know the one ‘I dunno’


However, coaching someone successfully can be a profoundly rewarding and inspiring experience, especially when you see the benefits for yourself and your clients.


I have some questions for you to ponder on below:


– What makes a great coach?


– What skills and attributes do you already have?


– Which ones do you need to develop?


Coaches have a number of important skills, including:

  • Listening
  • Communicating
  • Questioning
  • Feedback
  • Emotional intelligence and intuition

Developing these skills helps to develop trust. To be a great coach it is essential to develop self-awareness by developing our own emotional intelligence.


Emotional intelligence is made up of five elements:


1. Self-Awareness – This is being able to look inward, think deeply about your behavior, and consider how it aligns with your moral standards and values.


2. Self-Regulation – This determines how far you can control your emotions, feelings and impulses.


3. Motivation – People with high emotional intelligence know how to delay immediate gratification in exchange for long-term success. By focusing on building this skill, you can coach others to do the same.


4. Empathy – Empathy is putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and understanding their perspectives better. This trait is incredibly important in coaching.


5. Social Skills – People with high emotional intelligence know how to build and maintain good relationships.


If you are interested in developing your essential coaching skills then the BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development is just for you.


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Graham Hooper ADI
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The easiest way forward is to book a fully refundable assessment that will answer your questions that are important to you.

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training was provided by Graham Hooper. I can say that it was well structured and enjoyable. Graham not only saw me through from Part 1 to Part 3, but helped me change my career totally from a mundane dead end job, into one with a total new skill base. First class, highly recommended! ” – Bob Miller Driver Training

If you want to become a Driving Instructor, Ist 4 Driving Instruction can offer three trainers the proprietor is Graham Hooper who is based in Ashford, Kent and is currently one of the highest qualified approved driving instructors (ADI), offering driving instructor training in the country..

Not only is he a GRADE 6 instructor, the highest grade achievable, he has qualifications in every area required to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Graham is O.R.D.I.T. registered which means that his driving instructor training has been approved by the DSA (driving standards agency), the people who administer the tests.

He is a DIA registered classroom teacher and has an Advanced Certificate in Adult Education stages 1, 2 & 3 (Cert Ed). This also proves useful for ADI training as the part 3 examination is about your instructional ability. Graham also holds the DIA Diploma in driving instruction which allows him to use the initials ADI Dip DI after his name.

As your tutor for part 2 his qualifications are many including the Cardington Special Driving Test for ADI’S which he has passed with no faults which is an exceptional achievement, this test is an Advanced driving test only available to ADI’S .

He is also a Diamond Advanced Instructor which is an advanced driving test that has many similarities with the part 2 test of driving ability.

He also has qualifications in advanced driving, these are the BTEC Diploma in advanced driving instruction and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents diploma in advanced driving techniques.

For the part 3 test his knowledge and experience within the ADI training industry will be passed on to you and his own ability in the core competencies allows him to role play the examiners part in this test.

Graham also welcomes enquiries for learner drivers, advanced drivers, fleet driver training and people requiring tuition for the competition drive for driving examiners.

Other qualifications

ADI trainer course qualifications
Emergency first aid certificate
Pass Plus registered
Fleet registered
ORDIT registered.

Tony Byiast has been an Instructor Trainer for many years; he has a reputation for getting PDI’s through their qualifying exams and also offers residential courses he is based in the county of Essex. He passed the DIAmond Advanced driving test with a clean sheet (Zero minor faults).He passed the DIAmond Special Advanced driving test in November 2003 with only 1 minor fault.He passed the Diploma in Driving Instruction in 2005 (all 5 modules) at his first attempt. He qualified in 2005 and was entered onto the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT) Approved by the DSA. He attended a Training Trainers course in July 2005, delivered by John Farlam of SmartDriving his Instructor Training is based on the John Farlam system of teaching. He passed the DSA Cardington Special Test, Grade AI has taken and sucessfully passed the Hazard Perception Test set by the DSA for all ADI’s. He is secretary of the Driving Instructors Club Essex (D.I.C.E.) and served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers for 23 years, held the rank of WO1 (ASM).NVQ Level 5 in Buisiness Management.

Keith Wilton is also an experienced Instructor Trainer who in the past has worked for Lets Drive. He is based on the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire borders just off the A1 Motorway he is an NDIS in car and classroom Instructor for Hertfordshire and Essex and also works on behalf of ROSPA giving instruction in driving techniques and attitude to various companies, both classroom and in car.
His qualifications include:
Grade 5
Fleet Registered
BTEC Diploma holder (ROSPA)
Driving Instructor Trainer
ROSPA Examiner
DSA Motorcycle Instructor (CBT)
HGV class one
Police Advanced Class one (cars and motorcycles)
Police evasive driving course
Police Tactical pursuit and containment course
Police Driving Instructor (cars and motorcycles)
Police Traffic Officer (1977-2001)
Authorised skid pan instructor
Emergency first aid certificate
Territorial Army RCT (Tank Transporters)

So whatever your location within the south east, home counties or London if you are thinking of becoming a Driving Instructor then 1st 4 Driving Instruction will have the right trainer to match your needs. Please contact us for further details by using the contact page provided.