May 18, 2021

On Line Driver Risk Assessments

Online driver risk assessment e-learning and psychometric testing

Online driver risk assessments by DriverMetrics® state of the art e-learning programme is designed to improve knowledge, attitude and skill in driving. It is based on the latest research into fleet safety, with modules tailored to the outputs of the Driver Risk Index™.

Evidence Based

Base your strategy on an intervention that research demonstrates has an impact on driver behaviour (Isler et al, 2009; af Wåhlberg, 2010; Dorn 2010; 2011).

Encourages Self-Reflection

Facilitate driver insight with a ‘scenarios-based approach. Drivers are asked to make a choice and recognise the consequences– examining how they could have made a safer choice.

Driver Risk Index™ Integration

Automatically allocate e-learning modules to drivers based on the risks identified in individual Driver Risk Index™ profile reports.

Assessments to Ensure Engagement

Assess each drivers learning with in-built quizzes. If drivers fail the assessment, they are asked to complete the module again.

Use Internationally

Benefit from a scalable intervention solution with a wide range of different language versions.

Monitor and Manage

Monitor driver compliance and results using DriverMetrics® Management Information System.

Thrill Seeking

Personal characteristics and when thrill seeking responses are most likely to be triggered. How personal needs, mood and life experiences affect driving and that this can change dependent on the circumstances. Encourages reflection on excitement seeking to consider personal safety and the safety of other road users. Intervention for Driver Risk Index™ factor: Driving Excitement.

Eye Scanning

As an assessment, hazard perception skill is an indicator of those drivers that have a higher risk of being involved in a crash due to weak perception of potential danger. Using up-to-date technology our eye scanning clips expose users to a wide variety of on road scenarios within a safe environment. Appropriate assessments are created to establish a bank of clips specifically designed for several categories of driver.


Increases knowledge of the causes and effects of driver fatigue. Encourages reflection on fitness to drive. Considers forward planning on when and where to take breaks on long journeys. Intervention for Driver Risk Index™ factor: Driver Fatigue.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution to help you with your occupational road risk then you have just found what you need.

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