May 18, 2021

Driver Training Workshops

Driver Training Workshops

Driver Training Workshop








Driver training workshop

Driver training workshops offer theoretical training aimed at improving driver’s attitude. The classroom based training is focussed around discussion and small group exercises they are not only cost effective but have been proven in reducing incidents for company vehicle drivers.

An indication of the courses that we can offer are our SPEED AWARENESS PROGRAMME or DRIVER IMPROVEMENT; the former is particularly useful for those company vehicle users that have acquired points on their license.

It is of 3 hours duration and can be delivered to up to 20 drivers.

Our driver improvement workshop is aimed at those company drivers that have been involved in collisions/crashes in the last 3 years. Statistics tell us that once you have had an accident/incident on the road you are upto 4 times more likely to crash again than your average driver. Practical training can be offered as an additional requirement.

Drivers crash for emotional reasons often being tired, ill, stressed about being late all lead to poor driving decisions that expose your drivers to risk. Helping drivers be more aware of how they are thinking and feeling is a well researched and forms part of the goals for driver education.