May 18, 2021

Driver Training for company drivers

Driver Training for company drivers

Driver Training for Company Drivers

It takes twice as long to stop in the wet, how do you cope with tailgating?

Driver training for company drivers. When all the eyesight and licence checks have been completed and every last risk assessment done and dusted, you may still find that too large a percentage of your drivers are not as good as you had hoped.

Considering the value of your vehicles, your companies reputation and your staff as well – it makes real economic sense to get some quality on-the-road training.

Our 40+ UK trainers are hand selected from all Fleet Registered trainers registered with the DSA. In almost every situation they can turn around each drivers attitude from one of ‘apathy’ and ‘I don’t want to be here’ to one of ‘Why has no one ever told me that before!’ and ‘Driving is no longer full of stress.’SAFED for Vans image

We run courses for cars, vans, minibuses and trailer towing. We can provide anything from a half hour assessment for each driver, up to a 5 day residential course for more specialised requirements.

Our trainers are all very experienced, each having passed the rigorous demands of the ‘Diploma’ style Fleet registration courses run by RoSPA, IAM and the DIA amongst others. In fact we now run DIA Fleet courses on their behalf. This qualification tests the driving ability, knowledge, teaching and coaching skills and sets our trainers apart from the average driving instructor.