May 18, 2021


Fleet Training

Fleet Driver Training and Occupational Road Risk Consultants

Our trainers have been teaching advanced driver training for eons and as you would expect safety has always been and indeed always will be the main feature. However, in recent years, companies have been looking at improving profitability through journey planning, fuel efficiency and the residual values of their fleet. Amidst all the legislation around health and safety, the corporate manslaughter bill and duty of care, there is one outstanding fact –

Safe driving equals inexpensive driving.

A well planned and executed programme for improving fleet safety will always pay for itself in very little time, with excellent benefits to the company as a whole.

We specialise in driver training, with a particularly strong niche market for van drivers, Since starting trading just a few years back in 2006 we have become one of the largest providers of van driver training courses. However, we are certainly not a one trick pony and now cover a wide range of corporate driver training services.

Our services include –

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