May 18, 2021

Eco – Driving

Eco driving can save the average driver around 16% off their fuel bill. At 1st -4 Driving Instruction we want to help you save money and become a greener driver. Has any one noticed that fuel prices are creeping up again? We can save you money, time and wear and tear on your vehicle. Every one wants to save money but some times our driving just gets in the way. The most costly factor with regard to fuel economy is not the car, tyres, engine, size or weight it is you the driver. All vehicles can be driven more fuel efficiently if the correct attitude and driving style is applied.

SAVE Fuel and SAVE money ECO friendly driver training from as little as £12.50p an hour

You could save up to £1000 per year every year simply by attending this half day Eco driver training course

The course consists of you having half a days training with like minded drivers, Graham will help develop techniques in your driving that are simple and effective. He will demonstrate his own techniques that have earned him advanced driving diplomas and help you reduce your fuel costs, this course is unbelievable value because it will allow you to make savings year on year and with ever increasing fuel costs what is there to lose.

You can not afford to miss out, courses can be run evenings and weekends and if you are a company we have a SAFED course for you. Safe and fuel efficient driving and if you wish to include your drivers in this training package then just simply register your details now.