May 18, 2021

Become a driving instructor in Ashford and Kent


become a driving instructor

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Become a Driving Instructor

Become a Driving Instructor in Ashford Kent

If you are looking for the most effective training package that will help you become a driving instructor using a range of essential coaching skills that fit the modern world of client centred learning than this will the right place for you to start. Your trainer has all the credentials that you need plus the most up to date training course matched to the DVSA National Standards for becoming a driving instructor. The course is fully integrated with a course book and work book combined that takes you through 12 individual modules covering all the 17 competencies and so much more. It comes with a resource pack and an online training package that prepares you for each every training session and saves you time and money because you know exactly what is expected of you. Give me a call 07889194011 to have an informal chat my qualifications are below and there is a string of testimonials and also satisfied customers that you can also chat to if you wish to be reassured.
Driving Instructor Training in Ashford Kent is delivered by Graham Hooper who is one of the most qualified and experienced trainers in the UK. If you choose to become a driving instructor in the Kent area then please check out your trainers qualifications and experience.
Graham Hooper is he a GRADE 6 instructor, the highest grade achievable, he has qualifications in every area required to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).
Graham is a qualified coach as well as an approved driving instructor training he holds university certificates in coaching plus a BTEC Level 4 in coaching for driver development. He is a registered classroom teacher and has an Advanced Certificate in Adult Education stages 1 2 & 3 (Cert Ed) this also proves useful for the part 3 examination. He also holds the DIA Diploma in driving instruction which allows him to use the initials ADI Dip DI after his name.
As your tutor for part 2 his qualifications are many, including the Cardington Special Driving Test for ADI’S which he has passed with no faults which is an exceptional achievement, this test is an Advanced driving test only available to ADI’S .
He is also a Diamond Advanced Instructor which is an advanced driving test that has many similarities with the part 2 test of driving ability.
He also has qualifications in advanced driving, these are the BTEC Diploma in advanced driving instruction and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents diploma in advanced driving techniques.
For the part 3 test his knowledge and experience within the driver training industry will help you become a Driving Instructor. If you are looking for help to enhance your current training and feel a fresh pair of eyes and a wealth of experience and knowledge would be helpful with any aspect of your driving instructor training whether it is part 1, part 2 or part 3, then get in touch and let me help you succeed.
The new Standards Check has replaced the old part 3 role play exam in December 2017. Your exam will now consist of you giving a lesson for an hour with a DVSA examiner watching you from the back seat giving a driving lesson to either a learner driver or full license holder. You will need to be fully prepared for this exam and have training that is up to date modern and matches the DVSA National Standards. It is essential that you choose your training wisely and it is recommended by the DVSA that you use a Grade A ORDIT registered trainer. Do not waste your money by buying cheap poor quality training full of empty promises.
Being a Grade A Driving Instructor that understands and has helped literally 100,s of current approved driving instructors through their new standards check, you will be getting possibly the best training package available for driving instructor training.
Graham also delivers train the trainer packages to current ADI trainers to help them become better trainers and ORDIT registered.
Other qualifications
ADI trainer course qualifications
Emergency first aid certificate
Pass Plus registered
Fleet registered
ORDIT registered.


You may be pleased to know that I have passed my Part III Test yesterday. I got a 4 for Phase 1 and a 5 for Phase 2. Planning Ahead:- my Check Test will be in 6 months time, therefore I need to talk to you about this, as I would wish to have some lessons in preparation of my check test, as I would like to aim for 6 – 6 if I can. Also I would want to make myself as good a driving instructor as I possibly can for my pupils’ benefit. Kind regards and thank you very much for your expert teaching, I would not have passed my Part III without your help. “ – Walter Bellacini (Walter came to 1st 4 after failing with a national company).