May 18, 2021

Advanced Driving

” Provide ADI training in compressed format. The Best on-road instruction that money can buy. Awesome instructor. Its as simple as that”  – Guy Marriott

“I used Graham from this company and found the quality of instruction outstanding! Never was a question left unanswered or explained and all subjects covered were done so with patience and understanding. I can highly recommend this company and hope you use them. A++++ ” – Alex Beard


The benefits of Advanced Driving

Many people can benefit from adopting advanced driving an advanced driver is not someone who can wheel spin and do handbrake turns or involves skidpan driving but someone who uses a systematic approach. The system of car control IPSGA which you can find defined in a book called ‘Roadcraft’ often referred to as the Police drivers handbook. Advanced driving increases awareness and anticipation of the many hazards on the roads and allows you to deal with them in a safe and competent manner.

If you are considering becoming a driving instructor or  DVSA Driving Examiner then the training involved in becoming an advanced driver will ge beneficial.

An Advanced Driver is up to 65% safer than the average driver who has not had any further driver training since they passed their learner driver test. WHY? Because of the Advanced Drivers increased hazard awareness it allows the Advanced Driver to plan and have contingency plans for most eventualities on the road. 95% of what are commonly known as accidents are caused by driver error which means actually 5% of all crashes and collisions are actually accidents.

An Advanced Driver accepts responsibility not only for their own driving but also for the safety of others. There is a saying ‘no driver has a right of way unless the other driver gives it to them’, it is of no use laying in a hospital bed in traction saying it was my right of way .The advantages of Advanced Driving include cheaper car insurance, increased fuel economy, less wear and tear on your vehicle, a more pleasurable drive, increased confidence and of course fewer collisions.

There are 4 tests that I (Graham Hooper) can train you for:

Cardington Special Test for DVSA Approved Driving Instructors the ultimate test for driving instructors and especially beneficial for driving instructor trainers or those considering becoming a driving instructor trainer.

The Diamond Advanced Driving Test which is promoted by the Driving Instructors Association (DIA).This test may be of extra interest to those who want to consider a future as either an Driving Instructor or Driving Examiner as it is based on the Driving Standards Agency system of marking and requires a similar standard to a Driving Instructor part 2 examination of driving and is useful to those who are going to Cardington to train to be an examiner.

The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) Advanced Driving Test which is graded Bronze, Silver and Gold. This test is based on the system of car control which is described in a book call Roadcraft (The Police Drivers Handbook) which is available form bookshops. You will receive a full written report in the post which will highlight the postive and negative aspects of your drive.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Advanced Driving Test. The Institute of Advanced Motorists have their own Advanced Driving manual called Pass Your Advanced Driving Test, which is available from bookshops.You will receive a verbal debrief at the end of the test.

My qualifications in training for these tests are:

Diamond Advanced Instructor
Cardington special test for Driving Instructors (no faults)
ROSPA Diploma Holder in Advanced Driving Techniques
BTEC Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction