May 18, 2021

Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driver Training

Tri-Coaching Partnership work closely with Driver Metrics in fact their trainers hold our BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development. If you are looking to expand your skills with Fleet driver training than the 1st place to start is to click on the banner 🙂

Fleet Driver Training



Fleet driver training is delivered by our individualised coaching approach that gives your fleet drivers targeted, dedicated coaching that’s based on their own personal risk profile. As the only driver coaching exclusively tailored to Driver Risk Index™ profile reports, Insight into Action™ Driver Coaching offers an intelligent approach to mitigating high risk behaviours.


  • Targeted coaching with only up to two participants per half-day session
  • Delivered on-site at the location(s) of your choice
  • Addresses the behaviours identified by the Driver Risk IndexTM
  • Focuses on the key behavioural factors that are known to increase the risk of work-related crashes
  • Coaching based solely on your drivers’ needs offers a highly efficient use of time
  • Helps your drivers understand how risk is influenced by their behaviour
  • Reduces the risk of work-related road traffic crashes
  • Supports your behaviour-based fleet risk management programme
  • Promotes fuel-efficient driving
  • Informed by Cranfield University’s latest research

Accredited Trainers

Insight into Action™ Driver Coaching sessions are delivered by a DriverMetrics® accredited coach. All of our trainers have completed a 12-month BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development, as well as the DriverMetrics® accreditation course, delivered personally by Dr Lisa Dorn. This ensures that our trainers are highly experienced in how to influence any at-risk driver behaviours identified by the Driver Risk Index™.

Course Content

Insight into Action™ Driver Coaching aims to deliver insight into your driver’s behavioural tendencies using the Driver Risk Index™. Our coaches then take that information and develop a bespoke action plan, designed to change your driver’s behaviour. Coaching sessions are structured around the following five steps:

Spoiler Inside: 1 Personal Insight + Read More
Spoiler Inside: 2 In-vehicle Risk Management + Read More
Spoiler Inside: 3 Evaluation and Reflection + Read More
Spoiler Inside: 4 In-vehicle Behavioural Assessment + Read More
Spoiler Inside: 5 Action Planning for Driver Development + Read More