May 18, 2021

Coaching for Driver Development

Business & Technology Education Council – Extended Diplomas

BTEC in Coaching for Driver Education

There are several companies jumping on the ‘coaching bandwagon’ but not all of them have the expertise or understanding to give you the foundation in practical skills coaching that will help you to deliver the engaging and compelling driving lessons that will develop both your business and safer, deeper thinking drivers.

Coaching experts Sue McCormack and Graham Hooper are the company directors of Tri-Coaching Partnership and aim to offer you a REAL QUALIFICATION in Coaching for Driver Trainers. Sue and Graham hold Post Grad certificates in ‘Coaching in Driver Training’ and have extensive experience in the field.

This course will be available from Spring 2011. More …

Practical Coaching Qualification

Welcome to Tri-coaching partnership – Graham Hooper and Susan McCormack

Are you interested in:

  • Increase your earnings?
  • Increase your potential?
  • Increase your service excellence?
  • Increasing your job satisfaction?
  • Scoring a ‘goal’ for road safety?
  • Adding a valuable qualification to your CV?

If your answer is “Yes” to all or any of the above this programme could be the key to unlocking your true potential.

This BTEC certified course is designed for you, regardless of what type of work you do as an ADI. The ‘cross-platform’ coaching and natural learning skills that you will gain during this course are applicable to all driver training at all levels from ‘L driver’ to ‘high-speed pursuit driving’ and everything in between. Our coaching approach and training teaches life-skills that are also applicable outside the driver training world.

By gaining further qualifications such as BTEC Professional qualification in coaching for driver education you can increase your income streams add to the quality of training that you give gain rewards from increasing your knowledge depth and the great news is that qualifications help to open doors that are might currently seem to be firmly shut, CPD works because it works for you.

This course gives you a Professional qualification – a BTEC in Coaching for driver education and not a self-certificated attendance voucher. Of course, you have to earn this, there is a saying in life ‘you only get out of something what you put in’. The course is set up in such a way that there is always help at hand so that you can succeed and apply your training (the course is also available without the BTEC if you prefer).

The good news that we are here to give you access to our unparalleled expertise and experience – Tri-Coaching Partnership brings a welcome balance as it is delivered by the presenters who have written the course, allowing you to gain first-hand knowledge and experience.

Are you a training organisation or large driving school? Enquire about our driving schools and training organisation package.

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