May 18, 2021

Standards Check Training

Standards Check Training

Standards Check Training Ashford, Kent

Standards Check Training can help you achieve your goals and that would be to pass your Standards Check.

Standards Check Training

Standards check training will help you achieve your goal of passing the Standards Check. We have exciting times and great opportunities ahead of us. We are busy but unfortunately we continually live in a time of boom and bust; and this current time of boom is ripe to take an opportunity that will put you ahead of your competitors.


We often have negative thoughts that we start to believe in and that prevent us from achieving what we could be achieving. Our stress levels go up and simple situations start to cause us anxiety – in our world, that could be the dreaded brown envelope inviting us for our Standards Check.


What do you believe about your ability to deal with the situation?

What is it about the Standards Check that is causing your anxiety?

Why do these types of situations give you stress?


You may feel, ‘I am stupid and I am in over my head’ which could apply, for example, when thinking about going on a course. Maybe you’re worried you might have to say something in front of a group; or that you can’t write properly; or don’t know how to use a computer; or simply haven’t the time because you are so busy.


These type of thoughts could also apply to people you are training to drive.


Today, in a classroom, our clients were exploring self-evaluation techniques that can be implemented in driver training. They had chosen four models to discuss. One of these is a theory of learning that actually is fundamental to the principle of client-centred learning – KOLB’s Experiential learning model. This theory about how we learn fits driver training very nicely and can incorporate learning styles, especially the ones you might have learnt about in Part 1 of your ADI training: activist, theorist, pragmatist and reflector. We also discovered that having a coaching conversation based on the GROW model fits into Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle; as well as Tri-Coaching Partnership’s very own scaling model SEDSS.


If all this sounds interesting to you or you are just curious and would like to have some fun learning, then you will want to know more, so have a look through our course information. We offer a payment option that helps you spread the cost and also a money-back guarantee.


If you have been waiting to do this course, then now is the time. There are many sayings that spring to mind but I personally like this one for a bit of motivation:


Someday is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.”



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Graham Hooper ADI
Tri-Coaching Partnership Ltd

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