May 18, 2021

Why ADIs might fail their Standards Check

I recently wrote ten top tips to help pass your standards check. Now I want to take this opportunity to look at potential reasons why ADIs might fail:
1. Many ADIs come on our training days and say, ‘I have a test next week’ (or next month) because it is not until the dreaded brown envelope falls through the door that any form of training is contemplated and then panic can set in. Life could be so much easier if we adopted an approach that keeps our skills up to date.

2. Route planning – often the route is far too complicated and doesn’t suit the learner’s needs.

3. The subject chosen doesn’t fit the learner but happens to be the ADI’s favourite subject.

4. The ADI says nothing and lets the learner get on with it.

5. The ADI doesn’t shut up and doesn’t give the learner a chance.

6. Great questions are asked but at the wrong time.

7. The ADI doesn’t ask any questions.

8. Risk management is ignored except for a statement that says ‘I have dual controls’.

9. No learning actually takes place.

10. There was no evidence of any value for money.


This is a fairly negative view point and I have had the pleasure of meeting and training with lots of great ADIs but, in my opinion, updating your skills, evaluating your performance and increasing your customer satisfaction levels are all essential skills.


We all know the ADI who knows everything, has a full diary, everyone passes first time and likes the phrase, ‘It’s not rocket science’. Well how we learn and teach/coach/instruct has been a challenge for the human race since time began.


Learning to drive shouldn’t be complicated but if that was the case, how come a day doesn’t go by without drivers crashing? We know this is a fact and yet our training to become an ADI rarely looks at the reasons that cause these crashes. We just look at the skills needed to move a car from A to B without hitting something.


If you are serious about improving all your skills, then enrol on the BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development now – if you haven’t already done so – and let the fun begin.

 Kind regards



Graham Hooper ADI
Tri-Coaching Partnership Ltd

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