May 18, 2021

SAFED for Vans become a Trainer

The SAFED for Vans programme has been a remarkable success, with over 14,000 drivers trained since its launch in 2005. It is now considered to be very well embedded within the Van sector, and the objective of recent years to transition from a full government funding, to a stand alone commercial training product has been achieved. The role of SAFED training providers in delivering high quality, effective training with considerable professionalism throughout, has been fundamental to this success.

The provision of government funding to support the costs of SAFED for Vans training ended in March 2010. Since then, trainers have continued to be able to market and deliver DfT-branded SAFED for Vans training.
However, from the 1st April 2011, The SAFED name and logo can be used, but only in relation to training that follows the official SAFED for Vans course guide. Information for potential SAFED for Vans customers will be posted on the Business Link Website explaining that courses sold as ‘SAFED for Vans’ should follow the outline given in the SAFED for Vans guide.
A revised SAFED for Vans ‘Trainer Manual’ is also available which outlines the standard to which those who were trained to deliver the course during the SAFED programmes, were expected to adhere to. Anyone wishing to become a provider of SAFED for Vans training from now on will make arrangements directly with a commercial training provider to receive Instructor training. The DfT nor AEA will play any role in verifying the credentials of SAFED trainers, and so responsibility for determining quality and content of SAFED driver or instructor training will lie with the customer.
The online training database is also now closed – trainers will produce their own certificate numbers and will not be required to provide/store training results for the use by the DfT or AEA. The SAFED helpline number/email account is closed.
For those who are interested in becoming trainers, this allows Graham Hooper who was director of training for The Big Red Fleet Company when they became SAFED training providers of the year in 2009 to significantly reduce the cost of this course and can now offer training as a one day course either two to one or one to one.
Please ring Graham on 07889194011 or e-mail direct to for further details.

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