May 18, 2021

You have to be in it to WIN it!

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It’s John here from Tri-Coaching and I have a question for you… What do you really want?

OK – A lottery win would be nice but let’s face it – the likelihood of it being you is extremely small…  But whatever you want ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it!’ And this is as important for job satisfaction and earning power as it is for anything else.

Modern businesses can no longer get by on ‘second class service’ – but a real problem is that many driving instructors don’t recognise that their service is second class – they work hard and do a good, honest job with what they know but it’s what they don’t know that is holding them back. – they’re not in it and they won’t win it.

In order to get what you want, regardless of what that is, you need to give outstanding customer service – and in our business the heart of that service is ‘training excellence’.  The ability to give compelling lessons that always leave your pupils with a positive sense of achievement and wanting more.


So how will you compete in a market place where instructors are starting to realise the link between CPD and their ability to succeed? A worthwhile qualification can gain you the respect of your peers – but it can do much more than that. It can give you the inner confidence to know that you are ‘in it’,  that you have the skills to deliver lessons that are compelling and that leave your pupils with a sense of achievement that they will want to tell people about – and the people they tell will be your future clients.


I often hear instructors say that they are already coaching and have been doing so for years… But in many, if not most cases I discover that this is simply ‘unconscious incompetence’. Graham Hooper, one of the Tri-Coaching partners told me that he used to believe that he was coaching during lessons – until he spent two-years at university studying coaching psychology. Coaching is far more than a few techniques for asking questions, it’s a powerful approach that can help discover, facilitate and develop the intrinsic motivation that leads to success – both in yourself and your pupils.


In this month’s DSA Despatch ezine Trevor Wedge (Chief Examiner) talked about the DSA’s recognition of ‘client centred learning’ saying that it added a valuable addition to the instructor’s toolkit. Those who have learned about coaching and who are constantly developing their skills recognise just how valuable a coaching approach can be.


If I’m absolutely honest, I don’t know which bit of the BTEC for Coaching in Driver Development will be the most valuable for you – for some it will be the qualification in itself, for others it will be a single nugget of wisdom gained during the course. But I give you a guarantee that when you spend four days with three of the UK’s top trainers and 30 or so like minded instructors you will discover something that will make a significant change to your business, your life or both.


Sue McCormack told me a story about a course she attended with a National Organisation where she met someone who shared some information that has since earned her thousands of £’s. Ironically it wasn’t the course that was valuable on that occasion (Sue described it as ‘awful’!) but a chance conversation with a fellow delegate. We have no plans to deliver an awful course! But we might just help you to discover an awful lot of opportunities.

This course that will flow with positive energy motivating you to achieve and opening up possibilities that  will show you  the way towards  more freedom with your work and more (or even more!) enjoyment not only for you but for your clients. Positive recipes that will help you GROW your business.


The attached factsheet has been updated with the dates of our second 2011 programme following the rapid sell out of our first dates – the second course is already over 50% booked and so contact us now to guarantee your place.


You can be in it – and you can definitely win it!

For more info or to book your place mail: – call Graham Hooper on: 07889 194011, Sue McCormack on: 07817 64 69 70 or leave a message at: 0800 048 1808

Best wishes

John Farlam for Tri-Coaching

PS. Remember that if you don’t feel that you have learned something on the first day we will refund your fee.

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