May 18, 2021

Diamond Advanced Driving Test

Diamond Advanced Driving Test

The Diamond Advanced Driving Test has similarities with the ADI part two test of instructional ability and the competition drive for driving examiners. There is also a Diamond Advanced Special Test which has similarities with The Cardington Special Driving Test for driving instructors. This test is based on the Driving Standards Agency system of Mirror Signal Manoeuvre. It is conducted on behalf of the Driving Instructors Association and Graham Hooper our training director is a Diamond Advanced Instructor.

The qualifications to become a Diamond Advanced Instructor are to pass all five modules of the Diploma in Driving Instruction and to either have passed a Diamond Special Test or Cardington Special. A must for those drivers who want to become driving instructors or driving examiners.


  1. The Diamond Advanced Driving Test is excellent news for instructors who want to develop their skills and qualifications. It is also a qualification which I am sure many learner drivers will see as an advantage for them and of course for their safety.

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