May 18, 2021

Learning to Drive


1st 4 Learning

We will help you find an approved driving instructor in the Kent area.

1st 4 Learning have developed their teaching methods so that learning to drive is not just about passing the test it is an enjoyable and interactive experience that will benefit you in achieving your driving ambitions for now and the future.

Our training methods lead you step by step to improving your driving skills. Taking you through from a beginner to intermediate to finally an independent driver.

We not only deliver driver training on a weekly or hourly basis, we also offer intensive, Pass Plus and advanced driving courses.

If you want the best training you think you deserve than you need to contact Graham Hooper NOW!

You can register your contact details now and receive a FREE advanced driver training manual whether you have a lesson or not

Graham trains the Driving Instructors that teach you and this is what he can offer you

  • You will receive a FREE advanced driver training manual only available to ADI’s plus
  • You will receive FREE learning to drive book
  • You will receive FREE handouts to accompany your every lesson.
  • You can have your lesson videoed for FREE
  • You can have FREE access to the DSA theory questions online
  • You can have FREE online training
  • You will be using the Goals for Driver Training matrix an Internationally recognised training structure designed for life after your driving test
  • You will be taught to an advanced driving standard
  • Free training support for parents who want to give lessons themselves
  • Guaranteed money back offer for a lesson if you’re not satisfied

Graham Hooper abides by the DVSA code of conduct

Insurance discounts available

You can top up your driving lessons if you have a regular instructor but just want that bit more

Advanced teaching methods and driver training from the trainer’s trainer, there are many other driving instructors but what you should know first

Some driving instructors are not qualified, some have not passed their final exams

Some driving instructors have not been graded because they have very little experience

All approved driving Instructors are graded 1- 6, what is Graham’s grade?

Driving instructors are encouraged by the DVSA to undertake further continueing professional development, check out Graham’s qualifications.

Graham’s lessons are all about developing you for what you want to do for when you have passed your driving test

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