July 16, 2018

ADI Driving Exams, theory test and instructional ability, Parts 1,2,3

ADI Driving exams Testimonials
“5 & 5 over the moon. Thanks Graham for all you taught me. David was trained by 1st 4.”David Holness ADI

” I found Graham on the internet for a rescue package part 3 ADI.
He has extensive knowledge of driver training. He was very helpful for my part 3 ADI test. I wish I had found him for the training rather than a rescue package. He has an ability to pinpoint problems and address them and helped me to succeed”
– Michael Abdey – MA Driving School


To become a Driving Instructor you will be required to pass 3 exams commonly known as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Part 1 theory test is for potential driving instructors and is a multiple choice test of theoretical knowledge and will also include a computer based hazard perception test. All resource materials and workbooks necessary to pass this test can be supplied.

Part 2 driving test for driving instructors is one of the driving exams and is known as the test of driving ability it is conducted on a variety of roads encompassing most traffic conditions. It includes 4 manoeuvres and an emergency stop and lasts at least one hour.

Part 3 driving instructor test of instructional ability is a test which is separated into two halves. Firstly an examiner will role play a learner that is either a complete beginner or partly trained and you will be expected to train this person for 30 minutes in a preset task. For the second part of this test the examiner will role play a pupil who is a few weeks away from taking a driving test or is already a qualified driver who needs some remedial training. Again this will be a preset task for about 30 minutes. Total exam time about one hour.

Each exam has to be taken separately starting at part 1. You can have as many attempts at part 1 as you wish, but once you have passed part 1 you have two years to complete part 2 and 3 and are only allowed three attempts at each. If you were to fail the 3rd attempt at either the part 2 or 3 exam, you will have to wait two years from the date you originally passed part 1 before you could try again. Part 1 would then have to be retaken.