July 16, 2018

Become a driving instructor in Ashford and Kent


become a driving instructor

Training to become a driving instructor then get our ten free tips just click on the banner now.


Become a Driving Instructor

Become a Driving Instructor in Ashford Kent

Become a driving instructor with Graham Hooper who is based in Ashford, Kent or the team at Tri-Coaching Partnership who offer driving instructor training nationwide and you receive his personal guarantee that if you are not satisfied with his training on any session he will refund the payment of that training session.

Becoming a driving instructor gives you the opportunities to build and grow your own business, we will help you lease a vehicle, gain a pupil supply, insurance, dual controls, business cards, in car cameras and whatever you need to support your very own business. Because our driving instructor training will help you develop your business and in your name, there are no complicated franchise agreements, you build your own empire, whether it is one vehicle or 100 hundred vehicles. Just imagine your own business built in your name.
At 1st 4 Driving Instruction with over 20 years of driving instructor training and in conjunction with Tri-Coaching Partnership who have a team specially developed to help you become a driving instructor, we will also help you further develop your career as we also offer courses for Driving Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructors in continual professional development (CPD). These courses can allow you to expand your income streams.
We aim to give you the best service available so as to allow you to achieve your goals.
We take pride in being a company offering premium services at a local rate Contact me now and receive your free advanced driving training manual
Don’t end up like Walter below looking for professional help after paying thousands of pounds to a national company


You may be pleased to know that I have passed my Part III Test yesterday. I got a 4 for Phase 1 and a 5 for Phase 2. Planning Ahead:- my Check Test will be in 6 months time, therefore I need to talk to you about this, as I would wish to have some lessons in preparation of my check test, as I would like to aim for 6 – 6 if I can. Also I would want to make myself as good a driving instructor as I possibly can for my pupils’ benefit. Kind regards and thank you very much for your expert teaching, I would not have passed my Part III without your help. “ – Walter Bellacini (Walter came to 1st 4 after failing with a national company).